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Teenagers with disabilities (11 - 18)

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Services for teenagers with disabilities aged 11-18

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Our services for teenagers with disabilities:

Having a disability can sometimes be challenging, but our disability services can school students grow into happy, confident, and independent adults. 

We’ll work with you and your child to understand their goals, and support them in working towards the life they want to lead.

Life skills

We can prepare students for a more independent life after school by teaching them practical skills such as cooking, travelling, communication, technology, and money management.

Job skills and employment

Our employment and transition to work (TTW) services can help students with disabilities enrol in further education, gain work experience, or find a job they’ll love.

Enhanced Supports

Our Enhanced Supports service is for those who need specialised support such as Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Support, and Speech Therapy.

Sports and recreation

From creative activities to sports, our activities and programs give students with disabilities the chance to get active, visit new places, and have fun.

Living and accommodation

From moving out of home, or learning essential skills to live more independently, we provide a range of accommodation services specifically for young people.

Respite care

If you’re caring for a young adult with a disability, our specialised respite services can give you a break.

Volunteer host program

Our Interchange Host Program in Victoria connects children and young people with a disability with a volunteer host carer or family to provide regular respite.

Assistance with siblings

Our support groups and workshops for siblings of students with disabilities give them a chance to share their feelings and experiences, and learn ways to manage any concerns or challenges.

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