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Sensory activities for kids with disabilities

Make your own slime
8 Sep 2016
Sensory activities: non-toxic slime
Using just two ingredients, you can make a flubbery slime for a fun sensory experience. Your child will explore new sensations while they squish, pull, and stretch this non-toxic recipe! This activity can help a child develop their motor skills through shaping, molding, and squeezing!
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Tapioca water beads
Sensory activities: tapioca water beads
8 Sep 2016
Making edible water beads is sure to be a fun sensory activity for the kids! These balls can be squishy or sticky, giving kids two different experiences to compare. This activity can also help a child develop their motor skills through scooping, squeezing, and pinching the beads!
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Smelly jars
Sensory activities: smelly jars
9 Sep 2016
Kids can have fun sniffing these yummy ingredients, while developing their sense of smell and exploring what scents they like and those they don't. A sense of smell is closely linked to memory learning, and can also change your mood - bringing feelings of calm or excitement. Dive in and give them a sniff!
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Graphic of sensory activities
Benefits of sensory activities for kids with disabilities
16 Sep 2016
Sensory activities can be particularly beneficial for all kids including children with a disability. Find out how sensory activities can help kids to learn and develop.
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