Gift in Will charter - House with No Steps

Gift in Will charter

House with No Steps undertakes to always:

Respect and protect your privacy
Respect that your Will is very personal to you and your loved ones
Respect that your family and loved ones should and will always come first
Respect and appreciate any help no matter the size that you can support us with
Respect that you may want to maintain secrecy about your gift although we do recommend communicating your gift to House with No Steps as well as your family and loved ones
Respect if you choose not to become a member of the Partners in Dignity
Use you gift wisely for the benefit of those who most need help
Use the gift in the most sustainable manner possible
Keep you informed of the work that we are doing in the community
Respect that you need to take time thinking through the amount of the gift
Respect that your circumstances may change and that you may need to change your will
Recommend that you get legal help when making out your will

Include A Charity

Include A Charity is the result of 150 of Australia’s favourite charities working together to change the way Australians think about including charities in their Will. By working together we can change charity giving forever so that over time, gifts in Wills become the norm for the many, rather than just the few.

House with No Steps is supporting Include A Charity Week - September 2016, and is asking Australians to think about including a charitable gift in their Will, after taking care of their family and friends.

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