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Gift in Will

“Today many thousands of people have overcome their disabilities and are living and working in the community. Yet when we commenced, many were considered unemployable” - Lionel Watts

A gift in your Will promotes, nurtures and upholds the dignity of countless people with a disability.

Having a Will is an important step in planning for the future of your loved ones, including the causes you hold dear to your heart. By making a gift in your Will to House with No Steps, you are making your wishes known. You are also helping people with a disability to look forward to the future with confidence. 

Leaving a gift in your Will today will not impact your lifestyle, however, you will be remembered for leaving a lasting gift for others to live out their lives with dignity and equality. 

Meet Laura Henschke, our Future Planning Manager, who is a native of Lima Peru, and will cook you a delicious Peruvian Causa.

Leaving a gift in your Will

How to make a gift in your Will. Find out how to begin to process of leaving a gift in your Will.

Types of giftsThere are many ways which you can leave a gift in your Will that will support House with No Steps and people with a disability.

Suggested gift in Will clauseWhen making a gift to House with No Steps in your Will, you may like to use our suggested wording.

FAQs about Wills. Do you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will? Find the answer in our FAQs.

Partners in Dignity. When you inform us of your intention to leave a gift in your Will we would like to acknowledge your tremendous act of generosity by making you an exclusive member of Partners in Dignity.

Gift in memory. Giving in memory is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one and supporting people with a disability.

Information for solicitors. Information for solicitors regarding gifts in Wills.

To assist you in creating or changing your Will, we have compiled some information for you – please contact us to order your free information pack.

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