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Disability sports and recreation for adults

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Get active and explore new places through our sports and recreational programs

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Do you like being creative, going on adventures, or playing sport? There’s plenty of fun activities to choose from in our disability sport and recreation programs - from joining a sports team, to seeing a movie or live show.

Our sports and recreational programs a great way to make friends, explore new places, try new things, and most of all have fun!

Take your pick from loads of activities

You choose what activities you would like to do - just tell us what you are interested in, and we’ll support you to make it happen. 

We offer a wide range of activities, including:

  • Activities with friends: such as BBQs, movie nights, and trips to concerts and events

  • Joining a club or team: such as a gym, sports team, or church group

  • Trying a new hobby: such as about music, craft, reading, acting, art classes, or learning to surf

  • Volunteering: use your skills to support a worthy cause such as Meals on Wheels, and meet new people at the same time

  • Go on a trip: Get away by going on a day trip or holiday with friends or family. We can support you to plan every detail.

Youth groups

For young adults, our youth groups are a great way to meet new friends and have new experiences.

The members of our youth groups meet at least once a month to enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate activities with the support of both Support Workers and volunteers.

We plan the activities from feed-back from our consumers - sometimes enjoying a barbeque and outdoor games, going to dinner and a movie, or building confidence doing an activity like indoor rock climbing.

Often, the members of our youth groups make lasting friendships, catching up with each other on the weekends.

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