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"I think it is great to learn new stuff everyday through my Transition to Work Program. I get to work on my goals - I learnt to make coffee and now I do work experience at Zarraffas." - Stanley, TTW program

Our transition to work, TTW, program of training, skills and advice, can help you get ready for a job and future career

Woman learning to be a barista through TTW - Transition to work

If you have a disability, the prospect of employment can be a little daunting – but fortunately, Choice Solutions has a transition to work (TTW) program to support you every step of the way.

As a division of House with No Steps, Choice Solutions understands the challenges people with a disability might encounter making the transition to work, and can offer up to two years of support to make sure you’re prepared. From communication skills to work experience, our TTW program will give you the essential skills and training you need to feel confident in the workforce – and ultimately find a job you love.

Get set for a great future with TTW

Everyone has different goals, aspirations, and strengths. By taking a person centred approach, the team at Choice Solutions will work with you to figure out what kind of job is right for you, and what you’ll need to do to prepare for employment and transition to work. As well as work-related skills, you’ll learn practical and social skills to help you enjoy a more independent life and achieve everything you want to.

What you’ll achieve through TTW

Combining group and individual activities, the Choice Solutions program lets you learn at your own pace in a creative, flexible, fun and supportive environment. Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Setting goals and planning a career path
  • Job matching
  • Hands-on training
  • Job “survival skills”
  • Gym and sporting activities
  • Healthy cooking
  • Budgeting and managing money 
  • Travel training

By completing the program you’ll also gain an accredited qualification (Cert. 1 in Work Education).

Gain your Certificate 1 in Work Education

As well as valuable work experience, career planning and preparation for the practical and social aspects of employment, you’ll complete our TTW program with a Certificate 1 in Work Education. This is a nationally accredited qualification that involves workbooks, group activities, discussions, scenario planning, research tasks, and work experience.

Certificate 1 in Work Education covers:

  • Vocational planning
  • Personal management skills for work
  • Job seeking activities
  • Vocational tasters & activities
  • Workplace communication
  • Practical placement with support
  • Working with numbers, money and measurement in simple, familiar situations
  • Health and safety for yourself and others
  • Working effectively with others.

There’s also the option to gain a motor vehicle driver’s license, learner’s permit, forklift license, Workcover white card, first aid certificate, barista training, or RSA/RSG if these are included in your individual plan.

How does our TTW program work?

  1. Interview: First of all, you’ll meet with us (along with the family member, carer or advocate of your choice) to talk about your work goals.
  2. Person Centred Plan: Together we’ll then develop and put into action a personalised work plan (also known as a Person Centred Plan or PCP) based on your goals, choices and needs. 
  3. Employment skills training: With our support, as well as work experience and job sampling opportunities, you’ll start looking a job that’s right for you.

Generally our program runs for up to two years – but we’ll assess you individually along the way, and if you’re ready to transition earlier, we’ll fast-track your program to get you employed sooner.

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