Innovation - House with No Steps


I is for Innovation in our new IMPACT Plan


Innovation: We try new stuff. We’re ready for the future.

The world is changing fast and creating opportunities we can hardly imagine! Everyone needs to challenge the status quo and find new and better ways to help our customers. At the same time, we must learn and position House with No Steps for lasting impact in a changed world. 

Strategy and Initiatives


  • Build strategic innovation capability and foster innovation at all levels


  • Create an innovation hub to respond to strategic risks, learn and create options for the future
  • Encourage and reward employees to develop new ideas and new ways of doing things

How we will deliver these initiatives

Innovation Strategy

  • Project Megawatts
  • Innovation hub
  • Thought leadership

Ideas from everyone, everywhere

  • “Innovation on the job”
  • Innovation Fund
  • Celebrate and reward 
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