2016 Ad Campaign - House with No Steps
And Action!

At House with No Steps we believe everyone should be able to live a life without steps. Our exciting new ad campaign stars our very own customers living a life they love without obstacles.

Our new ad

Watch our new ad campaign
Our new ad
Lights, Camera, Action! Our new ad campaign puts our customers front and centre enjoying the things they love and living a good life.

Dig in deeper

Behind the scenes video
Behind the scenes
When we shot our most recent ad campaign, we didn’t just film the people we support doing what they love, we made the ad together. Check out the behind the scenes footage.
Meet the stars of our campaign
Meet our stars
When it came to choosing the stars of our new ad, we needed to look no further than the pool of great performers right here at House with No Steps. Meet some of our customers and employees who stole the show.
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