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Who we are

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About our organisation

As one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, House with No Steps is dedicated to giving people with a disability greater choice, control, and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms across NSW, Qld, Vic, and the ACT. 

What we do

House with No Steps is one of Australia’s leading disability service providers. Find out more about our organisation.

Our Board

Our Board members are all advocates and champions for the rights of people with a disability, and serve on a voluntary basis. Meet our Board members.

Our Vision Purpose Values

Our Vision, Purpose and Values are the guiding light for our organisation and are at the core of our disability services.

Our History

House with No Steps was founded in 1962 by Lionel Watts and his wife Dorothy. Our rich history now spans over 50 years.

Our new ad

At House with No Steps we believe everyone should be able to live a life without steps. Our exciting new ad campaign stars our very own customers living a life they love without obstacles.

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