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Early childhood intervention services

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Early childhood intervention services for children in Western and Northern NSW

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Our early childhood intervention services:

We understand that children learn and develop differently, and it’s not unusual for a child to take their time learning to move, talk, and behave.

But if your child is finding it difficult to keep up or catch up with others their age, they could have a developmental delay or disability. Access to the right support at the right time through early childhood intervention can make all the difference.

What is a developmental delay or disability?

Read about developmental delays in children, what it may mean, and what services such as early intervention are available.

Our early childhood intervention services

House with No Steps operate three early childhood intervention services: Little Learners, (based in Forbes NSW), and Summerland Early Childhood Intervention (based in Northern NSW's Lismore and Ballina).

Getting started

Find out information on referrals, entry criteria, and priority of access for our early childhood intervention services. 

Get in touch with our ECI team

Find location, contact details, and hours of operation for our early childhood intervention services in Ballina, Lismore, and Forbes.

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