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Your future services with House with No Steps

Graphic of girlHouse with No Steps is delighted to have been successful in the NSW Government Disability Services tender process. Change can be daunting and we’re committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for all our new clients and families. We are looking forward to working with you and FACS staff to ensure that we provide the best possible support to our clients. 

Find out more about the FACS SDS transfer.

Transferring Clients and Families

Sample agreements
Find copies of a sample Service Agreement and Accommodation agreement.
Your HWNS Customer Welcome Pack
Welcome Packs have been posted to transferring clients and families . Copies of the pack are available for download here.
Our presence in local communities
With 261 locations, each local team has a strong understanding of their community including local connections and linkages.
Service improvement ideas
Read about the ways in which we encourage feedback from our clients and their families to ensure individual needs are met.
Communication and family input
Find out the ways in which we communicate with, and listen to, our clients and their families.
Capability of staff
Our staff are our most highly valued asset, and we work hard to make sure we have the right people in the right place, doing the right things.
Supporting clients to exercise and influence choice
We support our clients and their families to exercise and influence choice in the supports they receive from us.
FAQs for clients & families (FACS SDS transfer)
Your questions about the FACS SDS transfer answered.
Your contributions (board and lodging)
Find information about redirecting your contributions (board and lodging).
Our stories
Watch stories from other House with No Steps clients who took the chance to make it 'all about me' through choosing us as their service provider.
Our disability services
Our disability services and support open up a world of opportunity. Find out how our disability services can support you.
About the NDIS
Find out more about the NDIS and House with No Steps as an NDIS service provider.
Finding out more
Find the contact details of who to talk to about the FACS SDS transfer.
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