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Individualised support

“Since starting a self managed package, Jess has really blossomed and grown as a person. She is happy, confident and doing lots of different things.” - Salli, Jess’s Support Manager

Giving you greater choice and control over your funding

Two girls who have individualised support

What is individualised support?

Also known as self-managed packages, self-directed packages, or individual funding packages, individualised support packages will become available to more and more people with a disability as the NDIS rolls out across Australia. 

Designed to put you in the driver’s seat, individualised support gives people with a disability access to a range of flexible supports to suit your needs and assist you in achieving your goals. 

Unlike traditional services or programs, individualised support gives you choice and control over how your funds are spent (within funding guidelines). Ultimately this means you’ll have a say in the services and supports you receive and who delivers them. We can also act as your plan manager (also known as host provider or intermediary) if you choose.

We believe our services are all about you! Watch inspiring stories from our service users who took the opportunity to make it 'all about me' through individualised support.

What support is available?

Currently, we are registered to provide self-directed supports and services across a range of different funding models in different parts of the country. This means at present, the service module available to you will depend on where you live.

In NSW, Queensland, and the NDIS launch areas of Hunter, ACT and Western Sydney, HWNS is registered to provide both support services and plan management functions across the following areas and funding models:

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