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Personal support

More than 300,000 of Australia's carers are young carers, with 150,000 under 18. The person they care for may be a parent, partner, sibling, their own child, relative or friend.

Giving carers an emotional support network

It's important for carers to have emotional support

There’s no doubt that caring for a person with a disability can be difficult. As a carer, you may find there are times when you need some extra support on an emotional level – whether it’s from peers or professionals. 

How we can help

We can connect you with a range of different support networks designed to give you the advice and resources you need to maintain good mental health.

Connecting with families like yours

We’ve developed the HWNS Families Facebook page as a place where our service users’ families and carers can connect online. This forum has given our families and carers a chance to share stories, ask questions, and trade ideas – and it’s become a great source of information and support. After all, it’s not often you’ll find so many people who understand what you’re going through all in one place!

Membership is also only open to families, carers, and advocates of people who are supported by House with No Steps, so you can feel safe your privacy and confidentiality will be protected. If you’re interested in joining, just visit the HWNS Families Facebook page and click the ‘Join Group’ button.

Professional help

If you’re finding your role as a carer is bringing emotional challenges, you could benefit from professional help. Your GP can help recognise signs of mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and put you in touch with people who can help such as counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. You can also search for resources in your area using the beyondblue professional finder tool.


Of course there are times when you just need to talk to someone, or you are in crisis. Fortunately there are lots of helplines where trained support people are ready to take your call.

Carers Associations

Across Australia, there are Carers Associations that help support carers, family members, and friends of people with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, or terminal illness. As well as providing support, advice, counseling, and training, these organisations also advocate and lobby on a wide range of issues that affect carers. Services vary state to state, so for more info it’s best to contact the organisation in your area.

Government carer support

The Australian Government has also set up a range of initiatives designed to support families and disability carers. We’ve listed a few resources below:

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