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Respite and short term accommodation

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Supporting family members and disability carers

Main shopping and receiving carer support

Our carer support services:

If you are a carer or parent of someone with a disability, you may need a little extra support or invaluable ‘back up’. After all, being a carer takes more than time and energy, it takes focus, strength, and empathy too – and there will be times when a little extra help goes a long way. 

We understand the extraordinary commitment that carers make, and we’re here to support you.

Short term accommodation and respite care services

Our respite care services can provide families and carers with extra support or back-up, so that you can take a break. 

Volunteer host program

Our Interchange Host Program in Victoria connects children and young people with a disability with a volunteer host carer or family to provide regular respite.

Personal support

We can connect you with support groups and counselling services to help you handle the challenges and emotions that come with being a disability carer.

Support for siblings

We provide fun workshops for children who have siblings with a disability so that they can share their feelings, make new friends, and learn how to manage any challenges. 

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