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Children's Disability Services

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Providing services for children with disabilities aged 0 - 10

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Our services for children with disabilities:

For children with disabilities, having the right support can be so important for their learning and development – and at House with No Steps we’re here every step of the way. 

From early childhood to the teenage years, our services can help your your child to be more independent, adapt to their environment, and help them prepare for child care, kindergarten, or school.

Early childhood intervention services

Based in Forbes, Lismore, and Ballina in NSW, our early intervention services provide children aged 0-8 years with services such as physio, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

Sports and recreation activities

Our activity programs are the perfect opportunity for kids to try new things, make friends, and have fun! Whether your child is creative, sporty, or loves playing games, we can design a program full of activities they'll love.

Enhanced Supports

Our Enhanced Supports service is for those who need specialised support such as Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Support, and Speech Therapy.

Respite care

If you’re caring for a child with a disability, we can provide respite care when you need to recharge or focus on other commitments.

Volunteer host program

Our Interchange Host Program in Victoria connects children and young people with a disability with a volunteer host carer or family to provide regular respite.

Support for siblings

Through our fun, relaxed support groups and workshops, siblings of children with disabilities can share their feelings and experiences, and learn ways to manage their concerns.

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