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Support Coordination

NDIS in Queensland

Support Coordination can help you connect with providers, and work out how your funds will be spent

Support Coordination customer and staff member sitting outside

As an NDIS participant, you (or your nominee) are responsible for getting started, understanding your plan and budget, and finding and connecting with NDIS supports and services.

A Support Coordinator is someone who could be funded separately in your NDIS plan to help you do just this! Our team will work with you, your family and your supports to help you reach your NDIS goals.

There are three different types of Support Coordination depending on your support needs:  

Support Connection

Through Support Connection, we can ‘show you the ropes’ by linking you with other local community supports, service providers, activities, and organisations.

Coordination of Supports

Coordination of Supports is similar to Support Connection. It is suitable for those who need a little more help or who have a more complex set of supports.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is for those who have complex needs. One of our specialists will work with you one on one to connect you with other services and organisations.

Once you have your NDIS plan, you can choose House with No Steps to provide your direct supports.

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