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- Every NSW and QLD ambulance carries a MediRedi maternity pack  

- 1/3 of Australian dialysis machines use a MediRedi dialysis pack

MediRedi is a leading supplier of medical treatment kits, packs, and devices to hospitals, ambulances, and even music festivals.


You’ll find our products in ambulances and Emergency Departments through-out Australia. MediRedi is also a leading supplier of forensic investigation kits to many Australian healthcare professionals and police jurisdictions.

Our kits and packs make a huge difference to the safety, speed and success of many medical treatments and investigations. Medical and healthcare professionals can access the equipment they need for a procedure in one complete pack, saving time and reducing the risk of infection and error. Allow us to customise a pack to suit your very unique needs, ask for a free quote.

What can we do for you?

We offer over 130 packs in our product range and also offer packs customised to specific requirements.

All packs are built to Australian Standards and designed to meet your specifications.

Some of our standard packs include:

  • Catheter
  • Dialysis
  • Maternity and delivery
  • Minor procedure
  • Anaesthetic
  • Ward procedure
  • Forensic and bone bank
  • DNA and Sexual Assault Investigation kits
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How we maintain quality standards and compliance

Our sterile custom packaging, and forensic and evidence Collection products are produced in our clean rooms under strict accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 14644 standards. We are fully accredited with the Australian Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Holding TGA conformity for the manufacture of medical devices and procedural packs, MediRedi is an ISO 13485 accredited manufacturer. We offer several cleanroom facilities to meet specific customer requirements.

MediRedi holds a NSW Poisons Licence and can (subject to regulatory constraints) include pharmaceutical products in procedural packs. We also have an active commitment to environmental management best practice initiatives and continuous improvement.

We follow all industry standards and have policies, procedures and continuous improvement processes to ensure best practice.

How working with us can benefit the people we support

We provide employment to over 500 people with a disability. Employment is more than having a job. It’s a major driver of physical and mental well-being. It provides people with a disability the opportunity to make friends, develop skills and gain workplace experience.

How working with us can benefit your organisation

By partnering with us, you will be playing a significant role in supporting us to achieve our vision, and achieving your organisation’s own corporate social responsibility strategy and objectives. 

Revenue provides much needed services to the thousands of people with a disability we support, as well as enabling us to empower more people through supported employment.

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