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HWNS Recycling

“We rate  HWNS Recycling team’s service as a 5 out of 5. The team are always pleasant and willing to help every single time they visit our office”. - Joanne Davoren, Executive Assistant, Urban Growth NSW

HWNS Recycling processes paper, plastic, cardboard, and donated clothing in Newcastle and Hunter NSW, and the ACT.


Major clients include: Stockland Shopping Centres, local councils, Bunnings and the Australian Pharmaceuticals industries.

What can we do for you?

Plastic and cardboard recycling

Collected from your premises, we can process cardboard, waste paper and plastic materials. Depending on your needs, this service can operate daily, once a week, three times a week or once a month.

Confidential document destruction

We are dedicated to protecting our client’s personal information. Documents are collected in our locked wheelie bins and destroyed using a commercial shredder. A Certificate of Destruction can be issues if requested. This service operates on a fortnightly basis using a locked Pantech truck to maintain confidentiality.

Clothing bins – textile recycling

With over 80 bins throughout the Greater Hunter region and the ACT, House with No Steps sort and bale materials at our Adamstown site.

Available services

There are several ways you can arrange your services with us.

  1. Drop off at our site for a scheduled fee
  2. Confidential Paper pick up service – bin on site and emptied every two weeks 
  3. Paper (Non Confidential), Cardboard and Plastic pick up service

Direct enquiries between 7am - 3pm call 02 4952 2478

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How we maintain quality standards and compliance

We have an active commitment to environmental management best practice initiatives and continuous improvement.

How working with us can benefit the people we support

We support over 500 people with a disability in a range of diverse businesses across NSW and Qld. Employment is more than having a job. It’s a major driver of physical and mental wellbeing. It provides people with a disability the opportunity to make friends, develop new skills and gain workplace experience.

How working with us can benefit your organisation

By partnering with House with No Steps, you will be playing a significant role in supporting us to achieve our vision, and achieving your organisation’s own corporate social responsibility strategy and objectives.

Revenue provides much needed services to the thousands of people with a disability we support, as well as enabling us to empower more people through supported employment and support services. 

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