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HWNS Manufacturing

In one year, House with No Steps manufactured and sold 3,360,000 metres of wire rope.

HWNS Manufacturing is the exclusive Australian manufacturer of galvanised catenary wire, and also provides light metal fabrication, process work, and woodwork.


We are the exclusive Australian manufacturer of galvanised catenary wire and experts in diverse process work.

Our major clients include: OneSteel, DSI Mining Australia, Ultrafloor and Astral Clotheslines. We are also recognised quality suppliers for local councils, surveyors, builders and international gourmet food and wine producers with our Woodwork section within this division.

What can we do for you?

Galvanised wire manufacture

Exclusive Australian manufacturer with various types and diameters available. We also offer the manufacture of galvanised clothesline wire and wire for communications, marine and agricultural markets.

Light metal fabrication 

  • Bending, folding, forming, shearing, cutting and welding of material such as sheet metal. 
  • General engineering fabrication
  • Fabricated portal frame building manufacturing
  • Service trailer and safety equipment construction
  • Structural steel for apartment blocks
  • Support steel for large glass panels
  • Bridge and catwalk handrails
  • Components for refurbishing of aluminium pot line chargers
  • Hold down bolts for portal frame buildings
  • Welding of roof bolt plates used in mines
  • Welding and fabrication of roof hanging nuts
  • Manufacture of fire extinguisher brackets

Diverse process work 

  • Wire rewinding
  • Drilling
  • Sorting components


We can create a wide range of wood products including:

  • Surveyor and construction pegs
  • Wine display boxes
  • Hamper trays
  • Crates and custom pallets
  • Display stands
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How we maintain quality standards and compliance

We have an active commitment to Environmental Management Best Practice Initiatives and Continuous Improvement.

How working with us can benefit the people we support

We support over 500 people with a disability in a range of diverse businesses across NSW and Qld. Employment is more than having a job. It’s a major driver of physical and mental wellbeing. It provides people with a disability the opportunity to make friends, develop new skills and gain workplace experience.

How working with us can benefit your organisation

By partnering with House with No Steps, you will be playing a significant role in supporting us to achieve our vision, and achieving your organisation’s own corporate social responsibility strategy and objectives.

Revenue provides much needed services to the thousands of people with a disability we support, as well as enabling us to empower more people through supported employment and support services.

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