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Disability resources to support you and your family

Graphic of disability resources centreOur disability resources centre can help answer your questions about living with a disability, raising a child with a disability, or supporting someone with a disability. Our team can also be on hand to answer any other questions you may have.

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Disability resource centre

Types of disabilities
There are many different types of disabilities including physical, intellectual, sensory or mental health disabilities. Not all people with the same disability will have the same experiences.
Person centred approach
A person centred approach is about ensuring a person with a disability is at the centre of setting their own goals and decisions which relate to their life.
Disability language guide
Learn how to be respectful towards, talk to, and talk about people with a disability - when a person has a disability, it doesn’t define who they are.
Disability statistics
1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability. Read more statistics and facts about disability including employment, education, and disability services.
Disability Service Standards
Read the Disability Service Standards which apply to services delivered by Australian Government departments and agencies, as well as other disability service providers.
Disability funding
As a person with a disability, family member, or carer, you may be entitled to regular and/or lump sum payments including through the NDIS.
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