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"I really appreciate that POMs has given those who support my son permission to focus on him on a regular and genuine basis." Jann, parent

POMs: Personal Outcome Measures


POMs is a method for evaluating the quality of services from the point of view of a person with a disability.

House with No Steps was one of the first Australian disability service providers to use POMs comprehensively, launching the system in January 2013. This was a big achievement for our organisation and shows our commitment to innovation and our focus on putting person-centred values into practice.

Much more than surveys and feedback forms, POMs is a complete strategy for measuring the quality of our service. It enables us to adapt our services and approach so we can deliver successful outcomes for every individual we support.

At the foundation of the POMs process are interviews with the people we support and the people closest to them. These interviews enable each person to identify what is important to them and share their thoughts on the quality of our services.

Using this information, we can learn what is working well for a person and discuss ways to improve their services and outcomes. Collective information from POMs also helps us to focus on developing strategies for our services and making changes that will benefit more of the people we support.

Staff involved have a better understanding of the people they support and what they want in their lives, are more open to new ideas and are more aware of the importance of truly respecting an individual’s rights, hopes and dreams.

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