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Myths about disabilities

Challenging common misconceptions and myths about disability

Myths about disability

There are still many myths and misconceptions around disabilities which often leads to a stigma. So, at House with No Steps, we are separating fact from fiction, and busting these common myths one by one.

Read our series to find out the truth.

Myths about disabilities

Myths about autism - Do vaccines cause autism? Is there a wordwide autism epidemic?

Myths about Down syndrome - Are people with Down syndrome always happy? Do only older mothers have children with Down syndrome?

Myths about cerebral palsy - Can you inherit cerebral palsy from your family? Does cerebral palsy only occur at birth?

Myths about multiple sclerosis (MS) - Will all people with MS need to use a wheelchair? Can women with MS still have children?

Myths about cystic fibrosis (CF) - Does having CF mean you just have a bad cough? Can only Caucasian people can have CF?

Myths about Tourette syndrome - Do people with Tourette syndrome shout obscenities? Is Tourette syndrome caused by trauma?

Myths about schizophrenia - Do people with schizophrenia have a split personality? Can people with schizophrenia be dangerous?

Myths about Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) - Can people with PWS control what they eat? Will all people with PWS be obese?

Myths about bipolar disorder - Are people who have bipolar just moody? Can drinking or taking drugs cause bipolar?

Myths about spinal cord injuries - Can women with spinal cord injuries still have children? Are spinal cord injuries only caused by accidents? 

Myths about eating disorders - Do pictures of models cause eating disorders? Are people with eating disorders just vain?

Myths about depression - Can antidepressants change your personality? Is depression always caused by trauma?

Myths about PTSD - Do all people who experience a trauma develop PTSD? Do all people with PTSD experience flashbacks?

Myths about OCD - Are people with OCD just ‘neat freaks’ and ‘germophobes’? Is everyone a little bit OCD?

Myths about anxiety - Know someone who’s often worried or stressed? Could it be anxiety? And what’s the difference?

Myths about epilepsy - Can you swallow your tongue if you have a seizure? Can you still drive if you have epilepsy?

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