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Person centred approach

In keeping with our person centred approach, our service users, their families and carers choose when and how they receive support, and by whom it's provided.

A person centred approach keeps the person with a disability at the centre of decision making

Person centred approach

What does a person centred approach mean?

Just as the phrase “person centred” suggests, a person centred approach is about ensuring someone with a disability is at the centre of decisions which relate to their life. 

A person centred process involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback.  This process is ongoing to make sure each person is supported towards their personal goals, even as they evolve and change. 

The ultimate aim is to understand what each individual person wants and needs to live their own, personally defined, good life.

Person centred practice is also one of the cornerstones of Individualised support.

Watch our person centred video series about service users who took control by choosing an individualised support package.

Involving family, friends, and communities

Relationships are a big part of us all. That’s why person centred practice also recognises and involves other people who make a difference in someone's life – family, friends, and the community.

It is most successful when friends and family can support the process, and help identify and develop the person's strengths.

Person centred approach at House with No Steps

At House with No Steps we have a team of person centred advisors and mentors working across all our operations.

In keeping with our person centred approach at House with No Steps, our service users, their families, and carers choose when and how they receive support, and by whom it's provided.

We tailor our approach to each individual.  When we are working with someone, we make sure we keep their strengths and interests, their communication preference, and who the person would like to involve, top of mind.

Our person centred values

Person centred practice is just one of the ways we bring our values to life. We also use John O’Brien’s 5 Valued Experiences as the foundation of our person centred approach:

  • Belonging in a variety of relationships and memberships. 
  • Being respected for your history, gifts, and abilities genuinely expressed through having a range of valued social roles. 
  • Sharing ordinary places with other citizens in living, working, learning, and playing together in everyday community settings. 
  • Contributing your personal gifts to make a positive difference to others. 
  • Choosing and having control over your own life in matters small and large and gaining wisdom over time and through experiences for future decisions.

POMs: Personal Outcome Measures

POMs is a person centred method for evaluating the quality of services from the point of view of a person with a disability.

House with No Steps was one of the first Australian disability service providers to use POMs comprehensively, showing our commitment to innovation and our focus on putting person-centred values into practice. Find out more about POMs.

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