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Mikey's story

Out of the blue, Mikey said a word – and at that moment Mikey tasted for the first time the joy of sharing his thoughts with the world.

Help frustrated children and adults like Mikey find their voice


House with No Steps needs your help to raise $95,000 to invest in technology that gives people with complex communication disabilities a chance to be heard.

Please donate a gift, and help frustrated children and adults like Mikey find their voice.

Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to have a question you can’t ask, a thought you can’t share or an idea you can’t explain?

If so, then you’ll understand what it’s like to be Mikey – and why we need your help to invest in the communication technology that could help him find his voice.

Mikey has severe epilepsy, and has a profound intellectual disability that left him unable to speak.

He struggled throughout his youth to make his feelings known. But no matter how hard he tried, all that came out of his mouth were sounds not even his mum could always understand.

For more than two decades Mikey felt trapped alone with his thoughts. And he might still feel trapped today – were it not for a team of support workers at our Community Support program service.

When Mikey joined our Community Support program, our support workers took it upon themselves to do what most thought impossible. They set out to teach him to speak.

They spent hour after hour with him, gently encouraging Mikey as he leafed through magazines and cut out pictures of the things that fascinate him.

While Mikey examined trains, planes and automobiles, our support workers spoke to him about what he was looking at – using simple words that they would patiently repeat over and over again.

They did this day after day, for four years. And just at the point when even the most optimistic among them started to doubt they’d ever hear Mikey speak – it happened.

Out of the blue, Mikey said a word – and at that moment Mikey tasted for the first time the joy of sharing his thoughts with the world.

It’s was a fantastic achievement, but with your help to purchase Assisted Communication Devices, it’s just the beginning.

In order to free Mikey and others like him from their silence, we’re determined to do more. That’s why we’re asking for your help to invest in the latest communication technology.

The Assisted Communication Devices you’ll help us to fund today uses sounds, movement and colour to grab the attention of people like Mikey.

By responding to touch, it encourages people to explore, learn and talk about the fascinating things they are seeing.

In short, it makes learning incredibly exciting – which in turn accelerates the speed at which people with communication difficulties are able to expand their vocabularies and connect with their world.

If our Community Support program staff had been able to access this brilliant technology when Mikey first joined the service, who knows where his communication skills would be today

The chances are that Mikey would have found “hope” a whole lot sooner. And with his bigger vocabulary, he would have less cause to use the word “help” quite so often as he does today.

The fact is, these amazing devices work, and they work brilliantly. That’s why we are determined to bring their benefits to people like Mikey – and why we’re asking for your help today.

So please donate online right now. Whatever you can spare will be a great help – not just to Mikey, but to hundreds of other children and adults like him, who are desperate to find their voice.

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