Emergency Accommodation

Housing at short notice for people with a disability when an emergency or crisis happens.

What is emergency accommodation?

If there is an emergency or a crisis which means you can no longer live at your usual accommodation or home, you may be eligible for Emergency Accommodation.

Emergency Accommodation is available to people with a disability who are in a crisis situation such as:

  • a natural disaster such as fire, flood, earthquake or storm
  • domestic violence that places a family member at risk of harm
  • homelessness with custody of children
  • unexpected illness or absence of the primary carer
  • breakdown of critical equipment or assistive technology device
  • sudden and temporary significant increase in support needs

Our Emergency Accommodation services

If you need emergency housing, we can support you to find a different place to live at short notice.

This support can meet your needs in the short term, but we can also help you to find a stable longer-term solution for the future.