Transdisciplinary approach and Key Worker model

Working in partnership with families through a Transdisciplinary Approach and Key Worker model.

What is a Transdisciplinary Approach?

A Transdisciplinary Approach involves a team of professionals working together to deliver your child’s Early Childhood Intervention services. As family members and carers, you will play an important part of this team.

Depending on your child’s goals, they may be supported by a range of specialists including special education teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists. We’ll also work together with other health professionals and services from your child’s wider support network.

Key Worker Model

To coordinate the delivery of services and to manage the links within your transdisciplinary team, one professional from the Early Childhood Intervention team will be chosen as the main point of contact for families. This person is known as a Key Worker.

This model is built on evidence that families are more comfortable with one service provider, that a consistent point of contact and support enhances co-ordination, and it is less stressful and confusing.

The Key Worker will work closely with you and family to ensure:

  1. Your family are viewed as the most important people in your child’s life.
  2. Natural environments are visited as much as possible – children learn best in the places where they spend the most time, doing the things that they are interested in, with the people who matter to them the most.
  3. Services and supports are provided in a natural setting and therapy is embedded into everyday routines and interactions.

While the Key Worker will be the primary contact, the whole team remains involved and the Key Worker reports back to the team constantly.

What will my Key Worker do?

Your Key Worker will aim to:

  • Listen to you and understand your needs
  • Consult with the Early Childhood Intervention team and if needed involve other team members
  • Make a plan with you including goals and strategies
  • Help you teach you teach your child to learn and build skills in the everyday routines that you do with your child
  • Visit your child at childcare or school to support your child’s inclusion
  • Help childcare and kindergarten build your child’s skills
  • Make sure you have information, resources and support
  • Support your family to know your rights, be more confident, and do things you want to do
  • Support you when you need it

The Key Worker may refer you to other organisations for services we are unable to provide e.g. child care, respite, swimming and sports etc.

Who will my Key Worker be?

Your Key Worker may be any member of the transdisciplinary team including Special Educators, therapists such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Pathologists, and Social Workers.