Behavioural support

Behavioural Support works to understand why a person may use inappropriate, challenging, or unsafe behaviour.

About Behavioural Support

Behavioural Support is about understanding why a person may use inappropriate, challenging, or unsafe behaviour, which is affecting them or those around them.

When you understand what the person is communicating through their behaviour, you are able to develop strategies to better support them.

Behavioural Support may include looking at ways to improve the person’s quality of life, making sure their environment (such as where they are living) meets their needs, and teaching the person new skills or ways to communicate.

Our services

Behavioural Support

To begin, our service will provide an assessment to help us to understand what a person is communicating through their behaviour. This may involve:

  • Reviewing relevant reports or other information
  • Talking with the person and their family or networks
  • Observing the person in their home, school, place of work, or community

Depending on the person’s needs, we may develop both a Positive Behaviour Support Plan and a Skill development Plan. These plans look at:

  • How to best support the person
  • How to lessen the need for the person to engage in behaviours of concern
  • Ways to respond safely if the person does use those behaviours
  • Any skills the person may need to learn to replace the need for those behaviours

Education and training

Our Behaviour Support services offer education to individuals and small groups in the areas of:

  • Sexuality and relationships
  • Social skills development
  • Anger management

Families and carers may also need education and training around how to implement the recommended strategies. Our team can help make sure everyone understands the plan and that the plan is effective.



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  • Western NSW: (Forbes, Parkes and surrounds)


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