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Until recently, autism and severe anxiety drastically limited Brian's life. Amazingly he’s now on his way to finding a job.

They almost look like ordinary tea-cups but they’ve played a part in the long journey Brian is on. Slowly he’s overcoming the hurdles that come with his autism and intellectual disability, hoping one day he’ll be employed.

Close to half of Australians of working age with a disability don’t have a job. Hand in hand with this, they’re more than twice as likely to live in poverty. Supporting House with No Steps’ Employment Solutions enables more school-leavers with a disability to transform their lives, just like Brian.

Brian working with his paints

“Brian was so shy when I met him,” Brian’s supportive trainer Chris says, “To see him now, I can’t believe it. I get all fuzzy, I’ve got goosebumps thinking about it. He’s going from strength to strength.”

Brian has been developing the skills to explore his job options and get ready to work, joining fellow job-seekers led by Chris to launch a microbusiness selling gifts. Split into teams to tackle roles including design, production, sales and accounting, they sourced cute, colourful tea-cups and planted beautiful succulents inside. Then, for Mother’s Day, they sold them door-to-door to neighbouring businesses.

"I wanted to create something that helped these guys overcome their issues with anxiety, while they developed their sense of personal responsibility, and learned skills for job searching and interviews. Like introducing themselves, making eye contact, and improving their confidence and self-esteem."- Chris

This has been a stepping stone to Brian now successfully trying his hand at an entirely different job. For work experience within his Certificate I course, he’s been helping others with a disability in our House with No Steps Day Program. He feeds people and gets them ready to go on outings. 

Next up, Brian hopes to begin a Certificate II in Community Services with a view to maybe finding paid work in this area down the track. He’ll keep needing help as he continues to develop his abilities. So will others yet to start on their career paths.

Your gift is especially important as the New Year approaches and a new generation of young people with a disability prepares to leave school and start their adult lives. They’re dreaming of finding a meaningful job. But imagine if they never had this chance?

Your wonderful kindness will open up choices and job opportunities to more young people like Brian, who in turn have so much to give.

Brian is now on his way to finding a job
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