Zayla’s story

House with No Steps helps children like Zayla get a mainstream education.

Helping Children With Disabilities Access A Mainstream Education

Zayla has been working with House with No Steps ever since she was a tiny baby. And now she’s defying all the early predictions about her future and going to a mainstream school.

A Relationship that Works for you

Zayla was born with cerebral palsy affecting the entire left side of her body. She was completely unable to use her left arm and leg. Zayla met her therapist, Louise, through House with No Steps when she was just two months old, and the two have been working together ever since.

It’s been a long journey with a lot of hard work but it’s all been worth it. Zayla can now walk, run, balance and even dance. And this means that she’s able to go to school with all her friends.

Zayla’s grandmother Belinda says, “I wanted her in mainstream school, and I worked very hard, and House with No Steps were working hard with me, and she got there.”

Starting school was a huge achievement for Zayla, and she was overjoyed to join all her peers.

Watch the video below to see just how much fun Zayla has at school and how House with No Steps has helped her and her family.

A Personalised Approach

The involvement of House with No Steps doesn’t end there. Louise has been working with Zayla’s school to help the teachers understand her needs so that she has the best chance of success.

She helped with the positioning of Zayla’s desk and chair to make her comfortable and assist her writing. When Zayla began to fall behind with her reading and writing, Louise advised on the provision of an iPad loaded up with educational software to help improve her skills.

And she still checks in on Zayla in her classroom every two weeks to make sure her education is going well and no problems have arisen.

“House with No Steps are giving us that knowledge and guidance on how to help her,” Belinda says.

“Without the House with No Steps Early Childhood Intervention team, I don’t believe Zayla could do all the things she can do now. She wouldn’t have been able to dress or feed herself. It has helped her to become very independent.”

“Now she’ll go on to do whatever she wants to do.”

Zayla’s future looks bright – and the House with No Steps team will still be with her every step along the way.

Helping Children with Disabilities

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