The amazing Jock starts Year 1… - House with No Steps

The amazing Jock starts Year 1…

“It’s wonderful seeing him so happy going to school and in a mainstream classroom, and having lots of friends”. Nicole, Jock’s mum

Preparing a child with a disability for mainstream school takes years

Jock with his workbook

You may have seen Jock’s story last year, when we shared his journey from babyhood to starting mainstream kindy. We’ve been by Jock’s side the whole way, offering services from our early childhood intervention team that give him the chance to shine.

Remember what it was like to step through those school gates after the long summer holidays, butterflies in your tummy and perhaps wishing you could turn around and run back to the safety of home?

That’s how Nicole was feeling on her son’s behalf: “I must admit I was a bit apprehensive because he was going to a new classroom with new kids… I was wondering if he might have forgotten the routines. But my worry was all for nothing. Because he was so happy to see all his school friends greet him as he walked in the school gate”.

Jock’s confidence isn’t just a product of the friendly and happy personality you see reflected in his gorgeous grin. Sure that’s part of it, but Jock’s school year started well before he set foot inside the grounds that morning. In the weeks leading up to school starting back, Little Learners was able to meet with his parents and teachers, to discuss Jock’s strengths and challenges and the best strategies to use in the classroom.

“At the moment, there’s a little bit of concern about Jock’s fine motor skills, so we are currently writing a program one teacher will implement with him doing some fine motor activities with him each morning to build that strength in his hands. So that one day Jock will be able to write with a pen, he’ll have that written form of communication like everyone else” - Louise, Jock’s key worker, Little Learners

Early childhood intervention is crucial to many children with a disability. Receiving this regular support is vital to helping them achieve everything they’re capable of. But it does depend on others generous enough to take this journey with them.

Jock with his sisters

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